Wednesday, July 29, 2015

2 Years : 8 Months

This girl has a summer tan like whoa!

Parades. again. Wishing there were parades year round. And with parades come CANDY.

Fireworks. She thought they were going to get her. Are they really far away? Are we far away from them? Iris and I watched fireworks from inside the Wilson's house, with all the windows tightly closed, per her request. I saw fireworks!! But I didn't like them.

Motor Skills:
mad dancing skills that consist of leg dips and a lot of arm movement.

Potty Training:
One hundred percent pooping in the toilet.

She can melt your heart so quick - Don't forget the hug dad!
Where is Banjo?! I need him! I love him!

Mom, are you frustrated?

As she's throwing a tantrum: Mom, you need to stop freaking me out!

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