Saturday, August 29, 2015

2 Years : 9 months

Iris is doing something weird with her blanket in her mouth.
Me: what are you doing? Can you please take your blanket out of your mouth?
Her: no I can't. It's just my smoke stack.
I look at my mom perplexed.
Me: it's your what?
Her:my smoke stack.
Me (all the sudden realizing I  think i know what she means but hoping I'm wrong): honey,  What's a smoke stack?
Her: it's the thing you put in your mouth and you suck on it like a sucker and steam comes out.
My mom goes wide -eyed and mouths to me: is she talking about a cigarette? !
I nod. Sadly.
Me: oh.i see. do you see people who have smoke stacks and so now you're pretending to have a smoke stack? Do you know people who have smoke stacks?
Her: yea, lots of strangers have them.
I then proceeded to attempt to explain the health risks of "smoke stacks" to my not-even-three-year-old.

Acting out in meeting (church).

Biting Brian.

Getting embarrassed.

Screaming.  You only scream like that when a stranger hurts your body or tries to take you away.

So much braver in the pool.  Blowing bubbles.  Swimming. Floating.

Opening doors by herself.  Then subsequently going outside by herself.  Scaring this mama half to death.

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