Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas : 2014

While we all haven't fully recovered from whatever was ailing us - we embraced the Rudolph-esque quality of our snotty noses and looked forward to fun and festive days with family.

We decided to forego our usual XMas Eve open house, which admittedly, I was a little disappointed about- in favor of more sleep - and woke up Christmas morning, fairly refreshed.
We packed up the car and headed to Papa "Honey's" house for the day.

A big dose of family love always does wonders to help set things in perspective again.
And Christmas through a child's eyes is always magical!


 Iris was such a helpful little elf, passing out the gifts!

 Smiles all around!

 The wonders of Cinnabon frosting! She is her mother's daughter.

 Giving her thank you note to Papa Honey.

Christmas #2
At Grandpa Bryan's House

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