Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Lyle!

Lyle turned 74!
What better way to celebrate staying young than to go white water rafting!

 Brian and I had rafted with Zoller's once before and had a blast. 
We knew Lyle & Jill would love it too!

The McDonald family and friends raft the White Salmon River.
The Whole Crew
back row: Lyle, Jill, Mark, Alex, Tony, Nick, Audrey, Mike, Josh, Summer
front row: Guide X, Guide Derek, Guide Ben, Kale, Bethany, Mari, Brian
 Row, row, row the boat!

 Lyle : Mari : Mark : Brian go over Husom Falls!

We didn't lose anyone this time!

 All smiles on the McDonald boat!

 It was a beautiful morning on the river!

Lunch at Killer Burger in Bingen, Wa.
- no pictures - we were too busy eating!-

Shave Ice for dessert at Ate-oh-Ate!

Happy Birthday to the best Father-in-Love a girl could ask for!

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Donna and Jim said...

That looks so amazing!!! I would love to do that. So cool that Lyle and Jill did that.