Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Morning on the White Salmon River

White Water Rafting in the October?!?

When our friend Nick suggested it, at first we thought he was crazy.
But the more we talked about it, the more fun it sounded!!
Nick did a great job rounding up a group of us, and Saturday morning, we headed up to the White Salmon River. (Just out of Hood River, on the Washington side.)

Our Group: Guide, Brian, Tony and Nick Wright, Bethany Joyce, Bryan Joyce, Greg Flemming
bottom row: Guide's wife, Me, Hippie Guide, Lisa Joyce
Zoller's was an amazing outfit, and they really made sure we had an awesome (but safe) time!
Not your typical "swim wear!"

Hamming it up before we head out!
The descent down to the river!!
Not gonna lie-some, of the excitement turned to apprehension on the way down those steep stairs!
Once we got into the boats and on the water, we went over some last minute safety instructions, practiced some basic moves and got on our way!

Spelunking - we took the boats into one of the small lava tubes that hadn't collapsed.
The White Salmon river runs through what used to be one giant lava tube!
Boat #1: Hippie Guide, Bryan, Lisa and Bethany Joyce and Greg Flemming
Warming up over a nice little rapid!
And by warming up, I mean their rafting moves, NOT their body temperature!
That water was coooolllllldddd!
Bethany giving the (Hawaiian) thumbs up - all the rafters decided to run the falls!!

Boat #1 takes Husum Falls a 10-15 foot waterfall!
(The falls were at about 14 feet the day we ran it!)
Boat #2 peeps got to watch from the bridge!

Boat #1 zoomed right through the falls!
The guide said it was his smoothest run of the year!
HIGH FIVES all around!
The pressure is on!
Boat #2 coming in to the Falls!
Boat #2: Guide, Guide's Wife, Mari & Brian McDonald, Tony and Nick Wright
Game Faces ON!
This could be THE MOST hilarious succession of photographs EVER.
I'm Just Say'n
No really, that's the command the guide gives right before you go over the falls!
What, going into the falls sideways isn't normal?!

Completely submerged!
Popping back up. . . um, wait, are we missing someone??
Nick?! Where are you going??

Nick got ejected out of the boat, but managed to hold on by A FINGER!
Nick's dad drug him back in to the boat (I think I was laughing too hard to be of any help)!
What a recovery! It was a miracle we all didn't get tipped over!


Enjoying the beautiful scenery and the gorgeous fall day!

What an awesome time on the river!

Mount Hood - seen from the "backside." Not the angle we're used to viewing the mountain at!
A well deserved lunch at Everybody's Brewery in White Salmon.
Delicious food, I highly recommend eating here if you're in the area!
And some dessert to top it all off!
What an awesome way to spend a Saturday morning!


Bethany Raelene said...

Let's go again!!!!

Nettie said...

So fun, love all the pictures and the facial expressions!

Shana said...

That looks like SO much fun!! What an awesome trip and I'm sure some great memories!! Love the pics going over the falls!! So cool that you got that on film!