Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Zoo (Updated)

Alternative Title: Happy Birthday Uncle Josh!
Since you're on a road trip with the bros - we'll celebrate by going to the zoo!
Iris had been wanting to visit the zoo again, so us girls took the day off and went!
It was another beautiful day in Oregon!
Iris wore her lion cub shirt for the occasion.

Up close and personal with the black bear!

The polar bear and the sun bear were both snoozing.
 Cutest little lion cub there is!

The cheetahs are always a big hit
and we usually can count on them for some action.
"He look right at me!
Bye-bye cheetah"

She specifically DID NOT want to visit the lorikeets this trip,
talking about how they landed on mommy's head last time.
Hopefully the "bird" fear hasn't started already.

A little snack break - and a quick tantrum before moving on.
Next time I'll get video of the tantrum, I promise.

 Alligators and Flamingos!

She was excited to see the penguins this time.
Bethany and I actually got to see the Humbolt penguins in their natural habitat
when we were in Peru visiting Brad!
Another fun day at the zoo!
We love you Auntie!

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