Monday, March 3, 2014

Day Care under the Guise of "School"

I know, I know. We only call it school to make ourselves feel better that we're paying someone off to watch our child because we can't. Iris had her first day at day care today.

Two hours post drop-off, and I'm still trying to compose myself, at my desk at work.

She did absolutely great at drop off, as we knew hoped she would, jumping right in and interacting with all her new "friends" and checking out all the fun new toys! Brian and I were both there and got to see her being her silly, adventurous self.
Iris will be attending Joyful Noise Child Development Center downtown (, just blocks from where I work, on Mondays and Wednesdays. The idea is to give Jill (and Lyle) a break from kid duty so they can have fun and enjoy retirement like they should! Iris has been so lucky to have "Oma" Jill watching her five days a week, with help from the rest of our family, for the past 12 months. With this positive foundation that has been built, Brian and I are excited to see her develop socially and make new friends at the center, while continuing to learn and grown in a positive and structured environment.
Iris will still be home with "Oma" or another family member three days a week - so I like to tell myself she'll be getting the best of both worlds.
Joyful Noise came highly recommended by many people that work in my office and building, who also have/or have had children attended/ing there. After touring a number of home day cares and other centers, I'm confident Joyful Noise will be a great fit for Iris. A little girl from our neighborhood is in her class, so we're hoping a lasting friendship will blossom!
Mommy had a hard time leaving Iris at the center this morning, but when she turned and waved "bye bye" to me, I knew that was my cue.
I'll try to refrain from calling to check in a hundred times a day!
It really does take a village!
Another new first - ready or not, here we go!

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