Monday, March 10, 2014

Reality Bites.

Good days - horrendous nights.
Virtually no sleep since Thursday night.
It's now Monday morning.

Wake baby girl at 7am (seems like she just finally fell asleep) so we can get her to daycare and mommy can attempt to get to work on time.
Baby girl throws fit #1.

Get little miss dressed.
Pack the bags.
Make sure to remember her blankie.
Can't find car keys.
Remember my purse AND KEYS are safely locked in the trunk of the car from when daddy drove us to dinner.
Can't find spare car key.
Baby girl is asking for milk and a banana.

Call AAA.
They should show up at the house by 8am.
Grab a banana and a bottle of milk.
Sit outside and wait, baby girl is entertained by the crows.
AAA gets the car open, the purse and keys are rescued from the trunk.

It starts raining.
Mommy tries to get baby girl buckled into her car seat.
Baby girl throws fit #2.
Start the car, turn up the music.
Little miss has some milk and calms down a bit on the drive.

Park the car on the east side.
Grab the bags, and the kid - lock the car.
Run to catch the bus.
At least with a kid you usually get a seat.

Ride the bus across the river.
Grab the bags, and the kid.
Get off at our stop.
It's still raining - reach for the umbrella - trying not to drop the bags, and the kid.
Baby girl helps you hold the umbrella. You smile, and realize it was probably your first smile of the morning and feel guilty.

Get to daycare.
Knock on the door - remembering you still need to set up an appointment for a entrance key card.
Balance the bags - umbrella and kid - Sign in.
Get her to class.
Admit to the teachers what a horrible weekend you've had, warn them of the lack of sleep.
Use your happy voice, encourage baby girl to play with her new "friends," explain mommy has to go to work.
Baby girl throws fit #3.

One. two. three. Time for mommy to go.
Wave good-bye.
Mommy turns and leaves, says hello to other instructors and parents on the way out.
Mommy exits the building doors, turns toward work and bursts into tears.

Happy Monday.


Joanna Close said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry. Starting daycare can be a nightmare. But lack of sleep is a WAY bigger nightmare. Hang in there, mama, this too shall pass. But hopefully sooner rather than later. Thinking of you guys.

{k} said...

Hey, I discovered your blog through Suzanne's and keep coming back because our boy is a few months younger than Iris -- it's so fun (and sometimes a relief) to see what other kids around his age are doing! Thanks for writing, and I hope all days get only better for here on out! -Kristin

Bethany Raelene said...

Growing pains, yah? Sending you lots of love every day Sis! You and Brian are doing an amazing job. xo