Friday, February 28, 2014

Iris @ 15 months

18 months clothing
size 3-5 shoes? I am the worst at buying shoes that are the correct size.
12 teeth (including FOUR molars that came in all at once!)
Buddha belly
bumps and bruises "Ouchies" - and she's big on having you kiss her ouchies to make them all better.

*Broccoli - sour cream - this girl really will try anything. She'll make a sour face when she tries something new, like she's not sure about it, but she'll still say "Yumm." It's hilarious. More like, "Yumm?"
*Going for walks outside.

*Diaper changes - these are turning into an all out war. But only when mommy and daddy are doing it.
*Messy hands. She'll tolerate dirt/food on her hands for only so long, then will want her hands cleaned off immediately.
*Getting put into her car seat. Really?!

Sleeping/General Schedule:
We're attempting to transition to one nap a day, since this is what will be implemented at day care, but this girl needs her sleep. Good naps make a huge difference.
She sleeps through the night two or three times a week if we're lucky. The other nights continue to be sporadic.
We're looking forward to longer and warmer days, as this little one loves running around outside, mud and all!

Motor Skills:
* She walks!! (2/18/14)
*A lot of squatting down to inspect things - and then jumping up to run off somewhere.
*She's just beginning to attempt to climb up on things - I guess we're lucky it's only starting now. I have printed off and filled out a generic medical release form in anticipation of the injuries that will stem from this.

This girl is a talker! More and more words everyday!
She's not using her sign language so much, but saying the actually words. (e.g. "More." "Milk.")
"No" - it's begun. Iris, do you want to take a bath? "No." Iris, do you want to eat dinner? "No." It's still being determined if this is an automatic response, or if she truly knows what it means. I'm thinking she does. *SIGH*
If she bonks her head, or get a scratch, she'll find mama and have me kiss it. Then she can go on playing.
Fake crying. "boo hoo"
She'll now tell you if she has a poopy diaper - "po po" - it's hilarious.

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