Friday, April 5, 2013

Iris @ 18 Weeks

★weight: 13lbs. 11oz. (36%)
★length: 26 inches! (97%) Doc says that's the average size of a 7 month old!
★head circumference: 16.3 inches (91%)

★Wearing 3-6/6-9 month clothing and size 2 diapers
★ HUGE, Blue eyes - STILL
★ The longest eyelashes!
★ Is that a dimple like mommy that I spy?!
★Chubby thighs/froggy belly/rubber band wrists
★Single, long strands of (reddish/brown?) hair in the back of her head, and what appears to be the making of a mo-hawk coming in on the crown of her head.
★She definitely has Daddy's (widow's peak) hairline

★Drinking from a bottle like a champ!
★Very intrigued when mommy and daddy are eating or drinking anything. To the point even where she gets super excited when she sees a water glass, and won't settle down until I hold the glass to her lips so she can lap out of it, like a kitten. Doc says - showing interest is the first step. She might start reaching for that food sooner than other kiddos her age!
★Flirty face - she does this thing where she'll look at you and smile and then turn away and burrow her head into whoever is holding her, usually mama. It's super cute and always gets the reaction I know she's looking for.
★Talking to herself as she wakes up in the morning, opposed to crying as she wakes. She still will cry when waking up from naps.  I'm intrigued about the reasons why? We much prefer the talking.
★The Kidopotamus swaddle that we remembered we had is working way better than the one we'd been using. Strong velcro is a must with this girl/Houdini!
★Being more active during bath time, moving her legs and really looking at the water.
★More comfortable with the side hold, and now not only looks back over your shoulder but will turn her head to face forward as well.

★Falling asleep in her car seat, usually while holding on to her "atom" toy and/or one of the Aden&Anais swaddle blankets.
★Moby and Beco carriers - this girl just likes being out and about!

★PUMPING - oh wait, that's Mommy!
★Do NOT try to feed this girl if she is tired, she will not have it.

★Well, it took some time, 3-4 weeks to be exact, but by george, I think she's got it! Apparently, during the day, she even gets excited when she sees the bottle come out! She eats about three times and up to about 11 ounces of mama's milk a day, while I'm at work! Yay!

Iris is definitely a happy baby. Not somber or stoic like lots of little ones her age. She smiles easily and rewards you with a giggle if you put in the smallest amount of effort.
★She hasn't developed her stranger-danger, spidey-sense yet, she'll still let anyone hold her and tolerates people up in her grill very well. Better than mama, that's for sure.
★She jabbers - at home and in the car, but when we're out and about in carriers she quietly takes it all in.

Motor Skills:
Locks her legs so she can stand while assisted.
★Sitting better on her own, still topples forward eventually if left to her own devices.
★Rolling over from front to back, she's trying really hard to roll from back to front but gets hung up on that arm.
★Grasping objects and bringing them to her mouth, with less stops at her eyebrows and/or chin.
★I brought out the sippy cup for her to play with after she expressed an interest in the water glass, and she promptly grasped the side handles on the sippy cup and brought the nipple to her mouth!
★She will "hold" her bottle during feedings.
★If you lock eyes and lean in for a kiss, she will lean forward to meet you for forehead bump.
★She scoots? If you leave her on her stomach, she moves her legs enough where she will cover small distances. Not sure if she's actually aware of what she's doing yet with that.
★When sitting or laying, her arms and legs are constantly moving, especially that left leg.

Sleeping/General Schedule:
★Week days: Monday-Wednesday/Thursday Iris gets to spend the day with Daddy! Then Grandma Jill comes to play on Thursdays and Fridays. (Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Bryan sneak by for visits every once in a while too!)
7am-10am: Iris wakes up - If mommy hasn't gotten out the door to work yet, Iris gets to nurse, otherwise she hangs out for a bit, then takes her first bottle (+ - 3 oz.)
After eating - then it's time for practicing sitting in the Bumbo, reading lots of books and tummy time.
10am-Noon:  Depending on what time she wakes up in the morning, she'll usually go down for her morning nap anytime between 10am and noon and will sleep anywhere from an hour to three hours.
Noon - 3pm: After her morning nap, she'll take another bottle (+-3 oz.) and then there's more play time - playing in her bouncy chair - and another little snack on the bottle if she "asks" for it.
3-5pm: She may or may not take an afternoon nap, and can get kinda cranky if she chooses the latter.
4:30-5:30pm: Mommy gets home - and no matter if she has just eaten right before I get home, she always wants to nurse. Comfort food, for sure.
6-8pm: If it's Daddy's night off, after Iris has eater, she'll happily play in her bouncy chair in the kitchen while Mommy and Daddy get dinner together. We'll have some play time - take Trooper for a walk - sometimes a bath - and then it's time to get ready for bed.
8-10pm: Right now, we're trying to get Iris to bed before 10pm. After 10pm she appears to hit a wall - so getting to bed before that wall is breached is a good thing. Currently she appears to prefer mama as the parent of choice to walk her to sleep.
Iris doesn't "put herself to sleep" at this point, but we haven't really worked on that....hmm, is it too late?!
After going down for the night - Iris usually wakes up once or twice to eat, generally going right back to sleep after feeding. These are good nights. However, there still are nights, where she is up every couple of hours, snacking and being fussy. Those are not good nights.
★On the nights Daddy has to go to work, he leaves about 7:15pm and the schedule from there on is about the same- only Mommy has to do it alone, which isn't always the most fun. But I do love my one-on-one time with my baby girl!
★Saturday: Mama's day with Iris while daddy is sleeping. We do what we want, when we want during the day-  but generally follow the same evening schedule. We've really been enjoying these sunny days and being outside!
★Sunday: Family day. Daddy is groggy, but he gets up for church with us - lunch - afternoon naps - evening gospel meeting - family time - and generally the same evening schedule.

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