Monday, April 8, 2013

Iris Goes to Washington

Washington state, that is!

Iris and her Mommy and Grandma Lisa went to visit Auntie Bethany and Uncle Josh up in Bremerton this past weekend.

This was Iris' first road trip (3 hours) and she did great! She slept two out of the three hours on the way up. Entertained herself for the first part of the last hour, took a little bit from the bottle, and then we only had to sing to her (to keep her from completely melting down) the last 15-20 minutes as we pulled into town. 
We got in to Bremerton at about 9pm Friday night, 
needless to say Iris' night schedule was a little thrown off, but she was such a trooper otherwise!

Saturday, Auntie Bethany had a photo shoot at Pike's Market, and we decided to tag along!
We had a lazy morning and then headed out and caught the ferry over to Seattle.

This mama was excited for the ferry ride, 
I hadn't been on one since middle school,
 when I went to Vancouver, B.C. with my grandparents.
 Iris' first ferry ride, and she slept through the whole thing.

 It was a blustery and rainy morning, but we weren't the only ones out at the market, it was packed!

The infamous GUM alley.

 Swarms of people everywhere - this mama was on HIGH ALERT!
I was totally stressed the whole time,
Iris on the other hand, had a blast!
See- classic HIGH ALERT face happening here.

 She was hamming it up the entire time, with smiles for everyone!
I have such a social daughter, she takes after her daddy like that.


Speaking of ham...

 There was so much to see!
  Iris at Post Alley
Iris and the local fisherman

 Waiting to catch the ferry back to Bremerton

 She almost made it through the return ferry ride,
but she was all tuckered out from her big day in Seattle!

Back at the house, we had fun playing on our tummy and practicing to roll over!

We also got to spend some time with Josh and his family.

Special thanks to the Figarelle's for letting us crash at their home!
It was a great trip!
Iris wants to know where we're going next!

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Bethany Raelene said...

Did you tell Brian about how Iris looked up when I called her "Flower"? ;) hehehehee