Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Love

Breakfast together - made by the birthday boy himself.
(Mommy had good intentions, but reality often has other plans.)

A birthday gift to Daddy from Iris.
 An extra hug, even though that meant Mommy was late-ish for work.

Iris and Daddy picked Mommy up from work
and we all had lunch together at Kenny & Zuke's.

Then there was a quick visit to Mommy's office to show off Iris.

Then, this evening, we sent daddy off to work with Thai take-out, 
complete with home made birthday brownies for him and his co-workers.

We did the best we could for daddy on his birthday, considering our hectic schedules right now.
We're looking forward to Monday though - 
we're taking the day off so we can do daddy's birthday right!

Happy Birthday Hunny!
There's no slowing down now!

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