Monday, February 25, 2013


Today, Iris rolled over for the first time!
She's only 12 weeks old!

Brian and I think she's a genius.

Luckily, daddy got it on video - because I...well I was in a meeting... at work.


With her daily developments, I know this is only the first of THE FIRSTS that I will miss.
Luckily she'll be home with her daddy or another member of the family, who I know will be more than happy to recount these amazing events to me.

I know that Iris and I will experience many things and make many memories of our own together, 
but even that thought doesn't make these days any easier.

In the meantime, I'm jumping every time my phone vibrates while I'm away.
Wondering what my baby girl is up to now, what I'm missing now, hoping she isn't wailing in desperate need of her mama, hoping she still does need her mama.


Lyle and Jill said...

Iris will always need her mama. Her daddy was so excited that she had rolled over. You were the first one to see the video. You will have many milestones to enjoy with her in the evenings or on the weekends. You are a great mama!! I do enjoy being with her and hope that this transition for both of you goes as smooth as it can. Love your little family lots!

Cassie said...

I'd like to say it gets easier, but that wouldn't be completely honest. I miss my kids every single day while I'm at work. But I'm comforted in knowing that they're home with their daddy who takes such good care of them. And they always need their mama, no matter what. There is no one like a mama. XXOO.

MonkeyFace said...

I love at the end how he says "My child is so amazing" haha. Too cute. Stay strong Mari, you can always bring her to work, all day??? I can watch her :)