Thursday, February 21, 2013

Iris @ 12 Weeks

Twelve weeks old, already?!

These have been bitter sweet days since this mama has to head back to work...
but we're making each and every minute together count!

Look at those (still/steel) BLUE eyes!
 Reading lots of books!
Doing a lot better at sitting up and focusing for extended periods of time.
 Lots of adventures in the Moby now that she's holding 
her head up like such a big girl!
 Dressing up for Sunday

 Reading letters from Uncle Vern who is in Mongolia!
 Lots and LOTS of snuggles!
 Poofy dresses from Auntie Bethany!
Favorite toys
(and chewing on them!)

[We have lots of cute videos but I'm having issues getting them uploaded.]


E. Charlotte said...

Gorgeous mama and baby! :)

Lauren Heineck said...

You are just glowing! And Iris is a doll...those eyes, man killer!