Friday, March 1, 2013

Iris @ THREE Months!


 I cannot handle how fast this girl is growing up!

My friend Jo is a self-proclaimed "obsessive archivist." I like her style, and hope she doesn't mind me following suite.

Possibly the beginning of teething - there's been an influx of drool and gnawing on our fingers, etc. We've applied the teething necklace as a preventative measure.
Rolling over (front to back)!!
Chatting up a storm.
Holding her head up like a boss.
Sitting, with assistance.
Walks in the Moby wrap

Loves being on her changing mat. Will kick her legs and flail her arms endlessly and tell you story after story before - during - and after diaper changes.
"The Atom"
Bath time!
She's becoming more and more interested in books and will sit still while you read to her.
Her bouncy seat- she enjoys sitting and watching us while we're in the kitchen cooking meals.
Her swing - putting her in her swing and cranking up the intensity calms her down with nothing else will.
Moby Wrap

Eating from a bottle. Being made to eat when she's not hungry. Being made to wait too long when she is hungry.
Loud, sharp noises. That girl will jump out of your lap!

Weight and Length updates next month after her 4 month check-up!

The Superficial:
Iris is beautiful. Her daddy and I are smitten with her perfectly round head, her enormous blue eyes, her long fine eyelashes, plump rosy lips, those neck rolls, that growing belly, her long legs and big ol' feet! (Although that dark hair on her ears is being stubborn.)


Current bed time is anywhere from 8:30pm - 11pm. Once she's down, she'll usually sleep at least 5 hours. She'll wake up once to feed anywhere from 3am-5am and then go right back to bed. She's still in our bedroom in the bassinet we're borrowing from the Wilsons, but she's almost too long for it. We'll need to transition to the crib in her room fairly soon!
Also, after getting out of the practice for a while, we've started swaddling her again. This makes putting her down for bed much easier, and she doesn't startle herself awake as much.
She is a noisy sleeper - and seems to get congested in the early morning.

Eating (aka The Bottle Update):
We're nursing as much as possible. Which, now that I'm back at work, means in the morning and then cluster feeding once I get home.

During the day Brian, or his mom Jill, are the saints who gets to try to get her to eat out of a bottle. We have a bottle graveyard littering the counter next to our kitchen sink:
Medela - FAIL
Dr. Browns - FAIL
Playtex Nurser - FAIL
Playtex VentAire - FAIL
Comotomo Natural Feel - FAIL

Nuby's Natural Touch - en route - had to order online
Mam - en route- had to order online

Tommie Tippie - she's just now starting to take this one every once in a while.

The only bottle that she seems to consistently (but barely) tolerate, is the MimiJumi. (Ironically, this is the only bottle I had on my Amazon registry, but didn't purchase.)

Brian implements the "cheek squeeze" while feeding so she doesn't squirrel the milk away in her cheeks, but rather, learns to swallow while taking the bottle.

She maybe takes TWO ounces of milk (in 10 hours) while I'm away at work, just enough to take the edge off apparently - but she more than makes up for it when I get home!
She now makes eye contact with me when she's nursing and will smirk. It makes me laugh every time.
She also has starting clamping my nipple in between her gums during feedings and then will thrash her head (teething all ready??) - this does NOT make me laugh.

Generally a very happy baby.
Likes to move move MOVE.
Very observant. Those big blue eyes don't miss much.
She is really trying to "talk." She will look right at you, and use her eyebrows for emphasis and everything - I really wish I spoke Infant.
She is most talkative at home - or during church. Go figure.
She has the most pathetic "mewly" cry when she is trying to get your attention. It half sounds like a cat and half like a cough. It makes us laugh, but does the trick.
Her eyes get big and she does a little shimmy thing when we reach to pick her up off her back or out of her bouncy seat - like she wants us to hold her - it makes us feel good.
We can now quickly distinguish between her frustrated/tired/and mad cries.

Motor Skills:
Grabbing - holding things with her hand.
Working really hard on getting things into her mouth - its a slow process still, but once she gets it there she gums it like mad and drowns it in drool.
Kicking off things with her feet - she is so long and hasn't been able to lay length-wise on our laps for a while.
Tracks people/objects really well. Good head movement right and left.
Not a big fan of being in a reclined position. Even when you're holding her she tries to sit forward.


General Schedule:
(See Sleeping)
As of now, she's been waking up when my alarm goes off in the morning... I'll try to feed her before I head to work - depending on the time of her last feeding, she may or may not eat.
She'll take a morning nap usually sometime around 10am, and will sleep anywhere from 30 min. to 3 hours.
Brian and his mom have been home with her this past week. Lots of playing and bottle attempts!
I am home by 5:30pm at the latest, and as soon as she registers I'm home - it's time to nurse!
After she sates herself - I change her diaper and her and daddy recount the day for me. I love this part of the day!
She'll hang out in her bouncy seat while daddy and I make dinner.
After dinner, we try to have some family time - take Troop for a walk - hang out on the couch or the floor, that sort of thing.
Iris cluster feeds from the time I'm home until bed time.
She might fuss for just a minute right before she falls asleep, her last valiant effort to stay awake, and then she passes out.
(See Sleeping)


Lyle and Jill said...

She is growing so how she is developing her own little personality with specific likes and dislikes. Love her to pieces. Have so enjoyed being with her so much!! Hopefully we can work together this week and she will drink more from the bottle. At least she isn't fussy. You & Brian are such good to watch you interact with her!!

Bethany Raelene said...

Her level of adorableness is reaching new heights. SHE IS SO AMAZING! Love her SO MUCH!

Danica said...

Awe, I love your updates, how sweet to have this documented. You know the cluster feeding all evening is probably what affords you such wonderful sleep. Lucky!