Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SNOW DAZE : and why I wanted at least ONE this winter!

If you've been around me this winter, you've probably been annoyed by me.
I know my husband is annoyed.
And all of you who have been completely socked in with snow this winter and have had storm after storm hit you, you are probably annoyed with me too,
but I don't care, I'll say it again. . .


A snow day is a free day off. A day for you to stay in your jammies if you want.
You don't have to use a sick day, you don't have to use a vacation day.
You are given THE hall pass of all hall passes and are free to enjoy a day of guiltless, childish pleasure without a schedule and without responsibility!
The last heavy snow Portland saw was in the winter of 2008, the winter after Brian and I were married. If you recall, that is also the winter we lived in a 5th wheel in the driveway of our "new" house. We had snow day after snow day, and while it was great to have all that time off from work to get projects done on our house, it was hard to truly enjoy a snow day when you're living in a small, cramped, cold, uninsulated trailer, having to trek through drifts of snow that surround you to get to the house whenever you needed to use the bathroom or shower.

Now, we have a lovely wood stove we can warm ourselves by, we have a functioning oven to bake delicious warm cookies and to heat our coffee or hot cocoa. . .

*SIGH* I think I'm running out of time for a snow day to happen this winter, at this late in the game, we haven't even gotten ONE.

So you can bet, that ONE day my office was opened TWO HOURS LATE due to inclimate weather - I MADE THE MOST OF IT!
Trooper had a blast!
He loves the snow just as much as his mama!

Isn't T-Dawg the cutest?!

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Sandra Ramey said...

I LOve your new background!!