Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Knitting In Public

I got caught!
Knitting in public that is - and because of it, I was awarded a coupon to this local yarn store!
Guess you really do never know who's watching you!

So anyway, I'm back at it - knitting - and this time I'm trying something other than scarves!!
That's called progress people!

I'm knitting Berry Hats for the kiddies!
The pattern I used is very well written and easy to follow for newer knitters like me.
Try it, you'll love it!
Blueberry :: Raspberry :: Strawberry :: Lemon :: Lime
You can make them in any flavor!

Now I just need to get some pictures of the adorable kiddos wearing the FRUITS of my labor!


Shana said...

Absolutely adorable!! Nice work and what a cool deal at your local store! I've loved those berry hats forever! Maybe one day when I pick up the knitting needles again and I move past scarves I'll give these a try!

chelsea said...

Good job, chica! They are turning out really cute!

Aimee said...

Cute! What a neat way for the store to market, too.

Martine Irene said...

So cute, Mari! Wish I wasn't such a klutz! They almost temp me to learn how to knit! I love all the COLOR combination's!