Sunday, December 14, 2008

First Snow of the Winter!

Today we woke up to this!!
 We heard the snow was supposed to be coming, so we woke up extra early to check things out and get the scoop on meeting.  None of the old folks were going to venture out, so our meeting was really small, but those always seems to be special.  
After meeting the wind really picked up and the day was down right stormy!!  
The city is pretty much iced in!  
We met Corey and Danica, Mark and Andrea, Andrew and Jon and Chelsea at Bipartisan Cafe for a warm cup of whatever was your pleasure.  Winter is truly upon us!
Don't worry about us, we're keeping plenty toasty by working on the house, the heat in on full blast in the trailer and the crock pot is cooking up tonight's dinner!  
Let it snow!

1 comment:

Donna and Jim said...

Looks too cold to me. I think I'll stay in Arizona this winter.