Monday, February 7, 2011

A Little Bit of LOVE in Your HEARTS

Not that I'm a huge fan of "Hallmark Holidays," like Valentine's Day -
(however, if a certain someone special feels the need to surprise me with, oh, say something like THIS, I wouldn't say NO) - but I am BIG on crafting, no matter what the occasion.
Even though I'm going to be in Washington DC on Valentine's Day (I'm sure Brian is devastated), there are still some hearts to be found around the house.

Here are some fun heartY themed crafts I've thrown together:

IKEA frames laying around in the basement
scrapbook paper
letter stencils covered in stamp ink
mini vases from the $1 isle at Target
silk flowers from another corner of the basement

You'll find this display of love in the middle of the dining room table.

Then out on the coffee table you'll see this fun creation, which I love!

A twisted pedestal + glass cloche + metal mailbox from Target's $1 isle + scrapbook stickers + an old love note + heart confetti + ribbon + twine + a LOVE tag I made = cuteness!

FUNNY STORY - but I now have more heart-shaped cookie cutters than I know what to do with! Thanks everyone!
The photo album Mari Sorenson put together for me and Brian sends some love out from one of the end tables. I paired it along with my amazing Dictionary of Shakespeare quotes that I found at a used book store. The bookstore owner dated my find back to the 1800s!

I'm also thinking about putting together something like this for the front door - I think it would be cute all Spring long!

Fill your home with hearts :: Fill your hearts with LOVE!

Happy Heart Day Friends!

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Shana said...

So cute, Mari! I love any reason to decorate and yours (the decorations) are so cute!