Monday, February 7, 2011

Rachel and Eric Get Hitched!

We had a crazy weekend road trip down to beautiful Fresno, California.
Ahh, the I-5 corridor, so. . . . monotonous.

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Me - Brian - and my sister Bethany: 24 + hours in the car (round trip) - driving, knitting, eating, chatting, arguing, snoozing, scrabble on the iphone, staring out the window, etc. . .
all for a single day in Fresno.

But it was all TOTALLY worth it!

Why, because we got to see these lovelies, who (whom?) we miss dearly. . . .
we had an absolute BLAST. . .

. . . and MOST importantly, we witnessed this amazing couple getting hitched!*

Congrats to Rachel and Eric!!
"In Sunshine and in Shade"

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