Monday, December 27, 2010


::An Eve at home with the McDonalds::
::The mantle is decorated with care::
::The table is set::
::Fondue is on::
::Fancy teacups are out::
:Gifts were opened::
::Stockings were unstuffed::
Trooper loved all his presents!

::Peruvian sweaters were modeled::
::Games were played into the late hours::
It was a perfect way to spend Christmas Eve!

::Christmas Day with Papa Montgomery::
We woke up Christmas morning and drove over to Papa's house.
He had decorated the tree beautifully, and by the time we arrived, him and my mom were already busy making hot rolls for dinner that evening.
We took a break from cooking to open a few gifts.
We had decided our trip to Peru was going to be our "christmas" this year, so we had more of a stocking exchange.
It was nice NOT to have the focus on gift giving,
instead we enjoyed the simplicity of just being together.
It was nice to see Papa smile!
The gifts we did get were small and meaningful.
AND will be THOUROUGHLY enjoyed!
Chocolate Santas!
We ended the long weekend with a Sunday lunch with Dad and Grandma and Grandpa Joyce. Thanks for the ebelskiver pan and cookbook Dad! We can't wait to try it out!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, friends!


Bethany Raelene said...

Everybody looks good in their sweaters! Nice work! :) And I adore that picture of Papa on the couch, so sweet. xoxo

Aimee said...

What a great Christmas! Happy New Years to you, too!