Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A More In-Depth Look at our Trip up into the Mountains

My sister is an artist.
Not only does she take beautiful pictures, she can paint a picture with words.

Since she tells the story so well, I'll direct you to her blog HERE, so you can read more about our trip up into the mountains to visit the tiny village of San Damian.


E. Charlotte said...

I'm glad you shared this! I just hopped over to her blog and am now a follower. Her photos took me back to my trip to Peru two summers ago. I loved it!

Bethany Raelene said...

Awe thanks Sis. Just when I was about to get mad at you for stealing my photo... I read what you wrote. :) Love you! (I already got 2 new followers thanks to you!) heheehee Thank you!