Saturday, September 18, 2010

Trooper the Rescued Rottweiler

Meet Trooper!
Trooper is the latest and greatest addition to our little family!

He is a rescue dog that we adopted out of Yakima, Washington, and he has quite the story!
Trooper and another dog, a boxer, were found stuck in the bottom of a drainage canal.
The boxer had been sucked up against the sewage grate and poor Trooper was swimming his heart out, stuck in a little eddie!
Who knows how long they had been down there,
they were probably only minutes from drowning!
A fireman rescued the dogs, and apparently they were so exhausted theyslept for three whole days after the ordeal!

The boxer's owner claimed him right away, but no one claimed poor Trooper.
He's been living with the fireman who rescued him, and the fireman's family since the rescue in August.
By the time we saw Trooper online and put in an adoption application at the rescue shelter,
we were told that someone was already going to adopt Trooper.
Then the lady at the shelter called us back a day later (Wed. 9/8) and said the other person wasn't going to be able to adopt Trooper after all and asked if we could be up in Yakima by Friday (9/9) to look at him!
Long story short, the timing was horrible, but we made it happen.
Brian drove up to Yakima and of course, fell in love with this sweetheart.

Since we had to put Wickey Dawg down in February, we've really missed having a lovable Rotty around, and that is just what Trooper is! He really wants to please and is already learning to sit, lay down and stay. They think he is only about 2 years old,
so he has a lot of energy and is still very much a puppy!
He needs some work on the leash and if he sees a squirrel, LOOK OUT!
But he is great with kids and can be home by himself when we're at work.
Wickey left him some big paws to fill, but he is such a smart and loving boy,
we know he is going to be a wonderful addition to our family!


Aimee said...

Trooper's adorable and how exciting to finally get a new dog!

sleepoutside said...

I almost cried reading that.