Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Project Re-cap

So, when there's a lack of BLOGGING, that usually means Brian and I are being productive around the house and catching up on the MILLIONS of projects we have planned...

Here's a few we've been working on!

::A gate across the driveway::
He is SO happy to have my help, can't you tell :)
See all that junk back there that we need to hide from the neighbors!?
This is SERIOUS business!!
It turned out amazing! Brian even gave in and went with my "old barn" style that I was envisioning. He's such the craftsman! I mean, a driveway gate, from scratch!? Awesome.

::A Bathroom Towel Rack::
Yes, that's an old gate in the picture below, and yes, that will turn into a towel rack!
I got the idea here! Funky Junk Donna is quite the inspiration!

Brian was doubtful at first, but we both LOVE love LOVE how our new towel rack turned out! It's totally getting my creative juices flowing for how I want to re-do the bathroom and I can't wait to pull it all together!

::A Wood Duck Bird House::
So, every year at Cow Camp we do volunteer work for Fish and Wildlife, like I've explained here. This year, I salvaged a box that had deteriorated and fallen off the tree it was on. Brian thought I was crazy for packing this in the car and carting it all the way home, but with a little TLC, it has made a cute addition to our backyard!
I used some old fence boards to patch it up,
we set it on a post we had lying around and WA-LA!
I hope we get some fun "neighbors"!

Should I paint the post white or leave it how it is? I can't decide.
And, I just have to show you . . . our tomatoes are going BERSERK!
Once they start ripening, we're going to have more tomatoes than we know what to do with!

Now, get back to work everyone!


Nettie said...

Looks the towel rack...very cool

Shana said...

You guys have been busy!! Awesome gate and I especially love your towel rack!! Don't you love Funky Junk Interiors... She comes up with the greatest stuff!

Malia said...

I am amazed by all the "skills"! I wish we lived closer, I would take some tomatoes off your hands.

Sandra Ramey said...

heehee...yeah I need to finish mopping my floors:) anyway, I love your new gate! and other stuff. you guys are so cute!!