Monday, March 9, 2009

Things That Make Me Smile

Thinking that it's almost time to start decorating. . . .

Celebrating Birthdays!

Aren't Jon and Jason the CUTEST!?

(Picture by Sarah, yummy cheesecake by Jess)

Beautiful flowers and housewarming gifts from dear friends.

My hard working hunny! Progress always makes us smile!

Surprise dinner guests, and a table in our dining room to eat dinner at!

Hope you have something to think on that makes you SMILE!


Diane and Dave said...

Your place is looking more like home everyday...great job!

Cassandra said...

yay! now it's time to kick your martha stewartness into gear!

Chelsea said...

I love posts like these. We should think everyday about what makes us smile. :)

Bethany Raelene said...

I'm a SURPRISE? Really? I don't know why but that makes me kinda sad... you should always be expecting me! lol

Let's decorate!