Thursday, March 12, 2009

If You Can't Take the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen!

Back in August of 2008, this is what was on the kitchen floor.  Some nasty green linoleum.  Brian and I decided it needed to come up.

Well, we got the linoleum up.  But what was left underneath was some black, tar-like glue substance.  Between August and now, we'd tried a zillion different chemicals and techniques to try and get that black gunk off.  Nothing was working, and then early this month, an attorney at my work suggested we tried STEAMING it off.  That's what his wife had done to theirs when they decided to refinish their kitchen.  So we tried it.
And, it worked. 
It was messy, and gummy, but we got it all off and Brian was able to sand the floors!

We decided we might as well refinish the wood floors in the kitchen as well.  It's the cheapest route and Brian is pretty much a pro at refinishing hardwoods now.  They look so much better than before!!  The change is always amazing!

The kitchen floors had to cure this weekend, so once Brian had finished the final coat, we puttered around doing some of the other odd jobs that needed doing, and there are plenty of those to keep us busy for a while!
We put the original glass hardware back up on the hall built-ins. . . and put new brushed nickel hardware up on the built in armoire in the master bedroom.

We even opened up a few more fun presents!  Yay for new cook ware!!  We can't wait until we can get the appliances into the kitchen (probably Tuesday) so we can start cooking up a storm!
Brian and I were under the weather this weekend, had to stay home in our sweats and drink Theraflu, but we're still making progress!


Danica said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well! But thanks for all the before and after stories, your kitchen will be awesome, i love the floor!!

Diane and Dave said...

Just a word of advise don't ever think the little projects will be fast as Dave finishes one I can think of two more to do and it been 20 years. Your floors look great. Hope your feeling better.

Bill and Sara Nielson said...

You guys are amazing. The flooring as well as the rest of the remodel looks beautiful from the pics. Good luck with the rest!