Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Look of Progress

The hardwoods are finished and they are beautiful!!
Now time for the fun stuff!
Here are some pictures from our VERY productive weekend!!

Unloading furniture

Priming all the walls for color

A messy living room and dad putting furniture together

The dining table and chairs, we had to take a break to eat at some point!

A beautiful urn from my sister Bethany. I can't wait to decorate!

The master bedroom all painted (Princeton gold) and moving the bed in!

I think Brian is pretty happy not to have to sleep in a trailer any more!

Making the room a little more homey.

Yeah!! Our bed, with the beautiful quilt from my Aunt Brenda.

The guest bedroom/computer room! (vintage brown)

The dining room

(martina olive green)

No that's not a typo, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this color turned out!!

Mom and Grandma Joyce helping to make the kitchen somewhat decent. There is still a lot of work to do in the kitchen, but it's fun seeing stuff in the cupboards!

Priming the living room. We had tarps over the floors, and subsequently over the heating ducts. Brian went right through this one! Yikes!!

Luckily, the only thing hurt was the heating duct.

The living room as also going to be Vintage Brown.

Some sweet furniture from dad!

Our new, used stove! I got the guy down from $450 to $275! It always feels good to come home with money in your pocket!

The Coopers donated a couch to the cause. Thanks!

Chairs from dad that match the love seat. These are the coolest!

We are all tired from a long, but very productive weekend!! Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Can't wait to come see it sometime!

What's with the HP box in the computer room ;-)

MSue and BMcD said...

Hey, it's a MAC on the desk, so don't trip! ;)

Cassandra said...

I love colors on walls! I'm especially fond of your green!

sleepoutside said...

ok your house is awesome. just awesome. I LOVE the green!

Bethany Raelene said...

IT LOOKS SO GOOD! I can't wait to come see it!!!

YoungLove said...

Everything looks so great! I have loved looking at you going over everything! You better invited us over for dinner soon!

Bryan said...

I'm so proud of all your hardwork!!

Have I told you yet how great everything looks? Especially the floors! WOW!

Darren and Maria said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the color guys!!! It all goes together SO nicely! I especially adore the green. Color just transforms a house to a home! Can't wait to see it sometime!

Lyle and Jill said...

We love your colors. You both have done such a good job on your home. We can hardly wait to see it.

di.joyce said...

Hey guy's your house looks fantastic!! Your green is my favorite color. When I lived at home my bedroom was that it. Would love to come and see it sometime. Maybe you would like a break and come visit us sometime.
Dave and Diane.

Shana said...

Wow! Everything looks great! It must feel nice to see all your hard work pay off! :)