Sunday, June 21, 2015

Parma, Idaho

Plane rides with Grammy Lisa.
Old Friends.
New Friends.
We had a wonderful time at Parma Convention!

Little miss did great on the plane!
"Are we flying through the air?"
"Are we in the clouds?"
"That's a funny feeling in my body!!"

It was a quick trip to Idaho - time is never long enough when you're surrounded by friends!

We missed having daddy there with us, but time with my girl is always special.

It's amazing to me how quickly a child learns the magic of convention.
"I'll be quiet mommy."
"Is that a worker?"
"Uncle DOYLE!!"
"Can I have my bible please?"
"Which hymn are you singing mommy?"

A big THANK YOU to Benji and Kyla and their cute kids for letting us crash 
at their beautiful home for the duration!

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