Monday, June 29, 2015

2 Years : 7 Months

Big girl undies!
Long and Lean with Big Hard Muscles!
Dressing herself. She generally vetoes two or three outfits I've set out for her and goes with her own choices, including the shoes to match.
Drawing faces!
Recognizing sensations in her body. Hunger vs. needing to poo, etc.

 Her first face!!

Her best friends are momma, daddy, Elizabeth, Claire, Kember and Lilla. In no particular order. I'm just happy to have made the cut.
Swimming. All the time! In our family pool. Best purchase ever at the end of last summer!
Dinner picnics on the deck. Every night. This is fun! I'm having fun! This is nice family time we're having.
Trips to Boise on the airplane. Whoa, that was a funny feeling in my body! Are we flying through the air?
Babies. I'm not their mama, I'm just their friend. Where's their mama? At work.

Cooked cabbage
Talk of a little brother or sister. I only want Kamuela!!
Apparently the shower fascination was short lived. We're back to baths, and not many of them - she thinks being in the pool counts as getting cleaned up.
Brushing her teeth. Still. Every night as we get ready for bed, we have the same conversation:
Her (with a smirk): But I don't want to brush my teeth.
Me: You know what I'm going to say, we brush our teeth every night.
Her: Is ________brushing their teeth?
ME: Yes, I'm sure they are. I'm sure they do it every night!
Her: But I don't have to.
ME: Yes you do.
And then she either accepts that - or she proceeds to have an epic fit where I have to force the toothbrush into her mouth and toothpaste/spit get everywhere.

Family pool - best summer purchase ever!

Sleeping/General Schedule:
I can honestly say, we are feeling more rested these days in the McDonald household.
Once she goes down, she's usually out for the night. Getting her to quiet down in another story!
She's a restless sleeper like her mama, sleeps hot like her daddy - we find her in the most awkward positions in the morning and sometimes at night she'll make some noises and I'll go check on her and have to turn her every which way to get her back to a comfortable position in her bed.
She still wants mama to lay in bed with her until she falls asleep. I'm torn,  love our sweet little conversations as she falls asleep, but I don't think my back will let me keep this up much longer, much less my husband!
Naps on the weekend, pretty much only happen in the car.

Motor Skills:
Somersaults! Thinking I need to get this girl into a tumbling class (and swim lessons, and, and SIGH).
Still has that dance fever!

Potty Training:
She is wearing big girl undies 100% (except naps/overnight and long car rides)!!
A pee-soaked car seat is just about THE WORST THING on these hot days!
I should say, she poops in the toilet 100%, and that's pretty much all I care about so I am a happy momma!
She is even wearing her undies and school, and if often dry through nap time!
We remind her to "check in with her body" - or to "hold her potties in her body" until we get to a restroom or can pull over without being completely obscene.
Charts are a thing of the past. They fizzled around chart 3...fine with us. Glad she'll go potty without needed a reward every time, but if she poops - you'd better have her chocolate chips ready.

Hey Mom. Hey Dad. She sounds like she's 15!!
Careful what you say to her, it will come right back at you! Hey mom, are you listening to my words? Can you please look at me and listen to my words?
We're still dealing with some pretty epic fits. This girl goes from zero to hysterical in no time flat and then right back to zero like nothing ever happened. It's almost eerie.
Recognized all number and letters - gets stuck on a few letters but can figure them out with a little prompting.
She remembers names and song lyrics like nobodies business. She has a mind like a steel trap, this one.

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