Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kamuela James - Loved to the Moon & Back : Memorial Weekend

You all know me.
I love to throw a good party.

And when it's a party for my baby sis - who is going to give birth to my nephew -
you know I'm going to go all out.

What: The Recaido's Baby Shower
Where: Revolution Hall, PDX
Time: In the morning

 Details, details.

Little girls, pretending to be fairies.

Homemade Rocket Ships.

Little girls, dressed as dinosaurs. . .

. . .  and bunny rabbits.

The happy parents-to-be.

Great Grandma Arlis & Great Grandpa Walter looking on.

 Fun & Games!

This girl.

These two.

Kamuela is the luckiest.
We all love you so much already little man - to the moon and back.
A BIG HUGE THANKS to all the helpers! 
I couldn't have pulled this off without everyone's help!
Thank you Mom and Dad and Gary and Brenda and Nicole and Rachel and every one of Bethany and Josh's friends and family who came and made it a party!

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chelsea said...

Mari, what an awesome party!!