Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2 Years : 5 months

Eczema?! Hopefully the steroid cream the doc prescribed will help keep this (hopefully temporary) allergy away!

Making up songs.
She is still a dancing fool.
The Penguins of Madagascar on Hilarious - we all enjoy it.
Yes, she is wearing the same Minnie Mouse shirt - in - almost - every - picture. She asks to wear it - every - day.

New Dislikes:
Brushing teeth. THE WORST battle. Every. Single. Night.

She thinks its the funnest thing to play in...first night, she didn't fall asleep in the toddler bed but once I transferred her to it, she slept the whole night. Night two, we fell asleep in the toddler bed, but were up multiple times and we ended up in the twin bed.

Motor Skills:
Slight regression on the whole using the big girl potty - Oma does a great job with her, but when we're home with her she usually chooses to wear a diaper. I suppose we should take away the option.

Such a little mama! She loves taking care of (ordering around) her littler friends! Making sure they have toys to play with and/or a bottle and/or whatever else she might think they need at any given moment. Sometimes she's a little TOO much in their space and we're working on not invading everyone's bubble all the time.
Pushing the envelope! I'll say, "I love you" and she'll make a face and say "I don't love you." I'll tell her that makes me sad when she says that but I will love her no matter what. Then she'll say, "I DO love you!" This kid.
Other notables:

"Daddy used to paint houses, be a painter. Now he's a MAGICIAN!" (electrician)

Her: "Look at my baby's butt mommy!"
me: What did you say?
Her: "Butt"
me: We say bottom at our house, who says butt?
Her: "Archie and Tabor say butt mommy."

Me: Ok, let's get you tucked in to bed.
Her: "So the spiders don't get me?"

Sometimes, if she's a little cranky or needs to focus on something else as we're getting settled in bed, I'll ask her to tell me what makes her happy.
So the other night:
her: Mommy, let's say what makes us happy. Mommy say what makes me happy.
Me: Flowers make me happy.
her: I'm a flower mommy?!
Me: yes, does Auntie call you flower?
her: Yes! I'm a flower!!

Why do they have to grow up so fast?!

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