Sunday, March 8, 2015

Who's Training Who?!

Potty Training. Sticker charts and treats!
More dry undies than accidents, so that's a win in our book!
We have a very low pressure "potty training" style. We give little miss the option, diapers or big girl undies and then go from there.
I do see myself tiring of buying diapers, so we might be getting a little more aggressive on having her wear undies in the near future.
She is still wearing a diaper on school days, so we'll have to coordinate that transition as well.
She recognizes when she has to go, even when she's wearing a diaper.
She'd rather go poo in a diaper than on the toilet - and still she still "hides" when she poos and asks us not to look at her, or asks us to leave the room.
Going potty most always is accompanied by book reading. Often mommy or daddy reading while she concentrates on the potty part.
These days, she prefers going potty in the big toilet with assistance from the Elmo seat rather than her little potty.
 Reward for completed chart #1: Shave ice!
[picture coming soon]
Chart #2 - we evolved into a two chart approach.
A day of the week chart, where she gets a sticker every time she uses the potty (similar to school).
Then also, a dry undies chart, where she gets a sticker if she has kept her undies the whole period of time she's been wearing them.
Reward for completed chart #2: by specific request, strawberry cake!

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