Saturday, February 28, 2015

2 years : 3 months

Cheesy smiles. All the time.
Hair in a pony tail!

Better at teeth brushing time, since the trip to the dentist. Apparently it takes fancy letters behind your name to get this girl to listen to you.
Potty training treats for filling up her DRY UNDIES chart!
DANCING! If one is dancing, one must be wearing a ballerina skirt. "Dance mommy!" - This order sounds very similar to, Dance Monkey.

Actually talking to real people on a real phone.
Interrupting. This is on Mommy's DISLIKE list.

We don't want to jinx anything by saying it out loud, but she is sleeping through the night more often than not! The extra sleep is doing wonders for mommy and daddy! She recognizes when she's tired and will tell us, "I'm sweepy" - or if mommy yawns and says she's tires, little miss will concur.
She still naps great at school and for Oma Jill, but weekend naps seem to be few and far between.

Motor Skills:
Picking her nose. Gross. "I wipe my boogers on you!" Eating boogers - even more nasty. Is it a texture thing? REALLY? What is the appeal. Hence mommy's words, "we don't eat things that come out of our body."

Potty training update:
Iris continues to make her own decisions when it comes to going in the big potty or wearing big girl undies vs. diapers. She is really doing great though. She completed her first sticker chart and was rewarded with Shave Ice!

Little miss is quite empathetic, and her teachers are noticing it too. She is very concerned about other, especially if she hears or sees someone crying.

Teasing vs. Fibbing - it's a fine line.

Movie "va-gater" - theater  is a little tricky to say.

"Have patient mommy."

This girl is a little OCD-like, there's a lot of repetition, patterned, structured behavior. "First me, then you, then daddy." And if you get out of order, she is not happy about it.

"Two hand on the wheel!" "You're driving too fast!"

Other Notables:
First trip to dentist! Such a big girl! Daddy took her, she was nervous, but sat through the whole cleaning! No cavities, yet. Dentist says no dried fruit/fruit snacks.

First tumble out of the crib. She wasn't happy about daddy making her take a nap and tried to escape out of the crib, unsuccessfully. Little miss did a flip and landed flat on her back. Mommy and daddy are thinking of the transition to a toddler bed a little more seriously now....

Gender recognition: "I'm a gurl and mommy is a gurl" and "daddy is a boy and Trooper is a boy."

The daughter's critique of her mother starts early: "Mommy, those boots look silly!"

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