Friday, August 29, 2014

Iris @ 21 Months!

Moving on up to Size 5 diapers!
Little miss has quickly learned that letting mommy put a poney in her hair is better than her "hair poking da eyes" all day!
Height: Getting tall! 33 inches!
Weight: 25ish lbs.
Those "Joyce eyebrows" are starting to fill in! At least hers are still blonde!

cereal - always wanting whatever mommy has
Grammy Lisa's lemonade
helping in the kitchen, specifically, mixing
Still loving corn on the cob, watermelon and pickles
The bathtub crayons - specifically the blue bathtub crayon. But if you ask her what her favorite color is, she says purple.
Attempting to blow bubbles in the tub*
Farmer in the Dale!
"Sing more hymns mommy! Sing more Jesus!"
She's always likes washing her hands. But now she wants to do it all. the. time.

NEW/DISLIKES (Mommy and Daddy version):
Tantrums. Big time. Mommy and Daddy are not fans.
Loud screaming/crying - she's been a soft crier in the past, that has changed.
Flailing. Usually accompanies tantrums.
Doing exactly the opposite of what mommy and daddy ask/tell her.

Dirt, grass or any other foreign substance in her shoe (Iris)
Being disciplined. (Iris) "Mommy no touch Iris's mouf!" "Mommy no touch Iris's bottom!" You get the point.

We have cut the night bottles DRASTICALLY and it appears to be working!
(See Sleeping/General Schedule)
Pad se Ew noodles - her FAVE!
Trader Joes - peanut butter sandwich crackers! Although, she pulls the crackers apart and eats the filling - then puts the crackers back.

One bottle of milk before bed.
Usually asleep by 9pm. Going to bed fairly easily at the moment.
Makes us "pat da back," or asks us to "move away" depending on her mood/tiredness level as she's settling down.
Usually asks to go ni-night in mommy and daddy's bed if we lay her down in her bed first, and visa-versa. Or sometime she'll throw the chair or couch in there for good measure. Iris go ni-night onda coooooowch!
Up 0-3ish times a night.
Usually only lets mommy do the comforting - UGH.
If she asks for the bottle, we'll give it to her, with water in it - bottle time doesn't last near as long.

Plugging her ears
pointing - appropriately
clapping a beat or rhythm
She crosses her pinkie and ring finger and holds it there for extended periods of time, odd?
climbing under/over things
jumping over things
*Attempting to blow bubbles in the tub. However, she lays on her tummy and she usually ends up sucking water up her nose and choking.

(aka -  Stuff our Toddler says)
She talks ALL THE TIME. So it's hard to remember what's new.
Her enunciation is definitely improving. Boobries are now boo-berries - and her sentences are much more clear/accurate. "Where's daddy mommy? Daddy in the bafroom?"
"Dat one!?" = what is that?/who is that?
She's starting to correct herself now to ask, "who is dat?" and "what is dat?"
She's doing well with please and thank yous...Thank yous are a little harder to get out of her.
That being said, she's quite bossy assertive: Sit down! Right here! Move away! (this is usually said when she has to poo and wants her privacy)
Mommy I go poopoo!
No more kisses on da mowff mommy! No more kisses on the face mommy!
My button! (lifting shirt and pointing out belly button)
I wuv _________ (insert name/item here)!

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