Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Iris @ 20 Months!!

Her fine, wispy hair is long enough to get in her eyes. But she will rarely let me put a barrette or pony in to get it out of her way.
Her eyes fluctuate between sky blue and slate grey, depending on what she's wearing. Striking either way.
18-24 month clothing
Size 4 diapers
Size 4-5 shoes - Keen sandles for the summer were the best $40 spent EVER.

Tunnels. She will announce if it's a Beeeg tunnel (long) or leeetle tunnel (short), just in case you couldn't figure it out for yourself.
She also insists anything overhead with a space under it, is a tunnel.
Under the car = a tunnel. Under a chair = a tunnel, etc.
Swimming pools, larger bodies of water - she's still extremely cautious around bodies of water other than the tub, but she's getting braver! I'm trying to get her to the pool as much as possible, and lake time at cow camp helped I think!

The car seat. "Iris get out!" Maybe it's time for an upgrade?
Bath time - it doesn't hold quite the appeal that it used to.
moshkeetos (mosquitoes) - "Iris skoosh mosheetos!"

Ottamelon (watermelon) and Boobies (Blueberries) seems to be her summer favorites.
Popsicles. What a mess!
Meat. We have ourselves a proper carnivore!
Popcorn. Specifically Trader Joe's pirate's booty.
We're cutting waaaay back on the bottles of rice milk throughout the day. I no longer even take a bottle to daycare on the days she goes. If she wants milk, she gets a little bit in a cup. We're implementing the same practice at home. Night time is another story.

General Schedule:
Brian is no longer working out in Hillsboro, so we're back to our schedule of a few months ago.
Mondays and Wednesdays, Mommy wakes the sleeping dragon beauty, drops Iris off at school for the day and then heads to work. Then mommy picks her up after work and we head home to see daddy and Trooper.
Tuesday/Thursday/Friday - little miss gets to sleep in and play at home with Oma Jill or any other member of the family who has volunteered for babysitting duties that day!
We are SO GRATEFUL for all the help we've gotten and continue to receive!

"Pat the back" - this is what my daughter instructs me to do as she's getting comfy in her crib.
Momma still is the primary put-to-sleeper, which is exhausting, but I do feel like there's light at the end of this dark tunnel.
Bedtime fights appear to be less frequent, and we seem to be able to get to her bed a little earlier than what had become the norm.
Now, once she's down....we're still up anywhere from 1 to a GAZILLION times in the night, so that's what we're working on. Sleeping. through. the. night.Which means, I think, weaning from night time bottles.
Wish us luck.

Motor Skills:
This girl doesn't walk, she RUNS. EVERYWHERE. Or hops.
She appears to had a tendency towards mechanical things. Pushing buttons, disassembling and reassembly of things, systematic orderly play, etc.
"Iris fix it!"
Seems to have lost a little interest in coloring, but loves to "write" and "draw."
Does all the motions for Patty-Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, ect.

There is no question, this girl is a talker! But it does take her a little bit to warm up, especially outside the house.
She can more than convey what she wants/needs to get her point across - and at various decibels.
She is a thinker. example: She's not one of those kids that just climbs up on something and jumps off - she'll watch others climb up and jump off - she'll look to mommy or daddy (or oma, etc), as if to make sure it's okay/safe - then she'll decide if she wants to do it, not do it on her own, or if she needs help doing it, she'll ask. Similar to her mamma I think.
She is so precious when she sings. Some of her favorites: BaaBaa Black Sheep - yes, still; ABCs, which she has almost mastered; Tell Me The Story of Jesus
"Music! No music!"
"Mommy do it, daddy do it, Iris do it." Bossy Assertive little thing, I wonder where she gets it?
"Too loud, Iris no like it."
This girl has great name recall. I'm not gonna lie, I'm starting to rely on her memory over mine!
"Cousin Meeea, cousin Gus, cousin Hunter"
"Neighbor Steve, neighbor Bonnie"
Everyday her sentence structure becomes more accurate/clear - her little stories are the cutest.
"Iris walk outside - beeeg squirrel -  squirrel eat nuts - silly squirrel - run away."
"Iris play outside - water table - Grandpa by-ron get Iris water table."
(No that's not a typo, that's how she's pronouncing "Bryan/Brian" right now.)
"Iris go fishing with daddy. Daddy catch beeeg feeesh!"
"No kisses! No hugs!" -  but don't let her fool you, she gives both very liberally!
She's mastered her colors and we're working on number and letter recognition, informally at least.
When she's not sure of something she says, "And thatsaaaaa...." and waits for you to fill in the blank.
"What dat mama?"
"Where daddy go?" "Where Tooper go?"
When she's deep into writing or playing or telling stories to herself, there's a lot of "Hmmmmms" and big sighs. Like what she's doing is soooo difficult and important. It's the cutest.
"I WUB YOOOOOOO!" Melts my heart, every time.

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