Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cow Camp 2014

If I was a little quicker/had more time for blogging - I wouldn't have to always be piggy-backing of my sister.  But since I'm not, and I don't - once again, her words are perfect.
Cow Camp is always a very special time.
Like Bethany says, this year, it was pure magic.

"This year, my niece was old enough to experience all the joys that her mother once experienced at the same age. This year... this year was truly amazing in a way that I feel like Cow Camp hasn't been in a while, at least for me. Maybe I was just feeling particularly sentimental, but I think we all felt it in some way or another and that's what made it so magical. This year had a noticeably bittersweet tinge to it, as we all gloried in Papa being there again, even as we tried to come to terms with the fact that it very well could be his last year. This year, there was a definite shift in the dynamic as the aunts and uncles subtly tried to hand off more responsibility to their children, making for a slightly off-balanced feeling as we struggled to do what they have done for so many years. This year, the newest generation of Montgomery Clan members made for endless entertainment and I can't even begin to put into words what it meant to my heart to see my sister's daughter playing with my cousins' children in the exact same way we once all played together. Yes, this year, it was pure magic."

Cow Camp, as recalled by Iris:
(20 months old)
Mommy sleep in tent. Daddy sleep in tent. Iris sleep in tent. Trooper sleep in tent.
Silly Trooper.

Iris and Daddy go fishing!
Daddy and Iris catch beeeeg fish.
Daddy catch lots fish.

 Iris go on dock!
No muskeeto! No muskeeto bite mommy. No muskeeto bite daddy. No muskeeto bite Iris. 
No muskeeto bite grammyisa. No muskeeto bite Josh. No muskeeto bite Auntie.
(Meaning: Don't bite mommy, daddy, ect.)

Papa Honey!
(Papa Montgomery)

Showing Papa Honey the egg they found when they checked the wood duck box!

Iris see beeeg deer. It walk away. In trees. Bye bye deer.

Baby ducks! cheep cheep cheep!
Mommy duck. Babies on back.
(Meaning: we saw a large family of ducks swimming up and down the creek, often three or more babies would be hitching a ride on the momma ducks back.)

 I catch'n the Frogs mommy!

Bats eat bugs.

"Free the frogs!" - Francine Close

Silly Burton. Silly Daisy. Silly Trooper. Silly Moose.
Burton beeeeg dog! Trooper beeeeg dog.
Daisy leeetle dog. Moose leeeetle dog.
(Apparently all the dogs at camp this year were silly.)
Burton bonk Iris on head. Daisy bonk Iris.

I running! Auntie run! Mommy run! Grammy EEsa run!
(We all did a lot of running with Iris, who runs EVERYWHERE.)

Mo lotion! Mo sunscreen! Mo bug spray!
Iris do it!

Hi Cousin Gus! Hi Cousin Hunter! Hi cousin Aleea (Malia)!
Francie silly!

Iris said a million other cute things, and we took a million more pictures - 
but there's just not room for it all here!
What I don't get down in this blog, definitely still stays in my heart!

Another wonderful Cow Camp.

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Joanna said...

I can't believe I am just now seeing this post - sooooo cute. Those photos are great. And I love how you interspersed quotes from Iris. What great memories you guys shared with us!