Saturday, June 28, 2014

A New Friend

Elsa is the daughter of Luke and Kelly.
She's a beauty!
Daddy Brian grew up with Luke -
and it's fun that they now have girls who are about seven months apart!

Iris was invited to Elsa's first birthday!
First things first, we had to make a gift and a card!
Daddy and Iris decorated a beautiful card
and mommy whipped together a crown for the birthday girl. 
In typical toddler fashion, Iris fell asleep before it was time to leave for the party,
which meant we were late. As usual.
But that didn't keep the girls from having fun together during their one-on-one play time!
Meet and Greet - the stare down.
Then, they were fast friends!
Bubbles - Balls - Dirt - the makings of a great time!

 Mischief makers!
 Water break after all that playing!

Happy First Birthday Elsa!
Iris is looking forward to many more playdates with her new friend!

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