Wednesday, January 8, 2014

#Weaning #Winning?

Remember when I went away to Mexico with my sister for that mini vacation?
Did I tell you when I came back, little Miss had decided she didn't want to nurse anymore.
Like, at all.
I mourned/celebrated with an iced venti, nonfat, no whip, white chocolate mocha from $bucks.

I suppose it had been heading that direction for some time - pumping at work was getting more and more difficult for me and I could tell my milk supply was waning. Perhaps she could too. Perhaps she decided it just wasn't worth the effort anymore, or maybe that was me.
TEN solid months of nursing and having mama's milk is ten more months than a lot of babies get. Right?!
And while, yes, I was disappointed we didn't make it to my (socially pressured?) goal of nursing for at least one full year - I suppose I should feel lucky Iris made the switch to formula so smoothly and continues to be a healthy eater.

 And now, at thirteen months old, little miss has done it again.
We've transitioned from formula to almond milk - like a pro!
Thank goodness! Brian and I weren't fans of formula anyway, not to mention the price,
and we're confident when baby girl feels the need for a bottle, that almond milk is a great and healthy option for her.

Now getting her off a baba (bottle)....that's a whole 'nother game...remember the efforts it took to get her to take a bottle in the first place?!


Bethany Raelene said...

Since she's already drinking from sippy cups, probably won't be that hard to get rid of the bottle huh? Crazy that she's already old enough to be done with those! I can't handle how fast she's growing up, it's warp speed!

DoRe' Arnall said...

Agggghhhh!!!! We love that squishy little face! Love from Washington!!!