Sunday, December 29, 2013

Iris @ 13 Months

*18 month clothing
*We went back to size 3 diapers, for now, those 4s were just big enough to cause some chaffing and no girl needs that on her inner thigh...
*Still only 6 teeth, but I don't think those gums can get any more swollen, hopefully a few of those molars will pop through soon!

*This girl loves her ICE, and will request it specifically ("ASSSSS," not to be confused with "ASSSSH" = fish). Must feel good on those gums.
*The Zoo! She is already a little animal lover! We made it to zoo lights and I know once we go back and get to see all the animals, we'll have a hard time keeping her away.
*Elephants! She will make an elephant noise, or a valiant attempt at least, while raising her arm over her head like an elephant trunk! She is the cutest!
*Chapstick. She always wants one in her hand, and will put in on herself, and you. all. day. long. if you'll let her!

*Little miss is quickly becoming an expert tantrum thrower, complete with flailing arms and legs and bucking motion. Mommy and daddy are NOT fans.
*Diaper changes. WHY is a clean pair of underpants so horrible?!?

*Almond Milk seems to be going over pretty well, and we're slowing getting away from formula.
*She will pound a full sippy cup of water if we let her, this girl is a camel!
*Still loves to eat! Avocado, bananas (GMa Jill's banana bread), pears, oranges, chicken, turkey, cheese and edamame...and RICE are a few of her favorites. She gives her Uncle Josh a run for his money in the rice eating department!

Sleeping/General Schedule:
*Ugh. Don't get me started. Just when it seems we might actually start to feel rested, baby girl goes and gets nasty. Tantrums at 2 or 3 in the morning are leaving us all exhausted. Hopefully once those larger teeth come through we'll see a change for the better?!
*Two naps a day appears to becoming less of the norm, more days than not we can only get her to slow down enough for one.

Motor Skills:
*She appears to be much more comfortable up on her feet these days. She cruises constantly between furniture and only crawls when she wants to get somewhere in a hurry (like as far as mommy and daddy as possible when it's time for a diaper change).
*She is starting to use her sit-to-stand toy as a walker and will push it back and forth between the living room and dining room as she toddles behind it!
*She stands on her own for extended periods of time.
*She will sit and draw on a pad of paper using her extra large crayons santa brought her - her focus amazes me.

Up, down, fish, bath, hot, mommy daddy, bird, airplane, uh oh, please, kiss, hug, cat, meow, Trooper, woof, dog, horse, pig, chicken, elephant, monkey, hello, bye-bye, elk, Santa, grandma, grandpa, uncle, auntie, Bram, Archie, Tabor, baby, amen, chapstick... she says and/or understands all of these and more! The list expands daily! She is a communicator for sure, and quite the sponge. I need to stop saying "shoot" and "dang it," as these types of words are also coming out of little Miss' mouth!

And when when I tell the little imp that her mama loves her, and she proceeds to clasps her tiny hands behind me neck and squeezes me in a big ol' hug....I know we'll make it through to the next month.

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