Saturday, July 27, 2013

Small Towns and Parades

My home town.
Bigger than it used to be, but still very small town. Just the way we like it.
I haven't been the the Old Fashioned Festival in YEARS.
I haven't made it the past few years because we're still at Cow Camp while the festival is going on. But this year, since we weren't able to stay for all of Cow Camp... Iris and I were able to sneak over to the festival!
The parade started at 10am on Saturday and thanks to NO TRAFFIC - a quick drive - and finding a parking spot in record time - we got to the shady spot where dad and Gma and Gpa Joyce were set up just as the first parade entries were coming around the corner!

She LOVED it!
(Except when the firetrucks got a little too loud with their horns and sirens.)
Her favorites were the horseys and the dance teams who were doing fun routines to music!

 After the parade we walked over to Memorial park where to food vendors were, for lunch.
We listed to live music under the tent and played and played and played!

.... and then, she crashed.

Such a fun morning - I'm so glad we went and that I got to share one of my favorite things from my home town with my beautiful daughter.

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