Thursday, November 1, 2012

This Halloween & THE Bump at 36 Weeks

I had grand ambitions of warm pumpkin cinnamon rolls for Halloween breakfast - but it looks like that idea is getting pushed off until Thanksgiving. . . late night caramel apples were a good runner up.
The spooky decorations are all still up in the attic. . .
tucked away, collecting real cobwebs of their own.
There will be no parties, no costumes - well maybe just one costume -
 if black clothing and a witches hat counts:
We spent most of the evening at bible study, and I'm sure the rains kept most of the trick-or-treaters at home, eating out of their own bowls of candy. . . but, I did buy one three bags this year, you know, just in case - and an empty candy cauldron would have been too sad to bear.
(We actually did end up having quite the flurry of kids come by before we left for meeting!) 
There are a few pumpkins and other fall-ish decorations that have slowly found their place around the house. . . but we're keeping things much simpler this holiday season.
The excitement of the holidays now pales in comparison to the excitement and anticipation over our impending arrival. . . we're looking forward to celebrating these times again, with our baby girl.


Cassie said...

Black + witch hat makes the best prego Halloween costume (I did it too when I was pregnant with Jasper!) Next year we'll be seeing your little one in her very first costume!

Joanna Close said...

I think your daughter might be in store for some of the best ever homemade costumes!