Monday, October 1, 2012

To Recap . . . (31-32 Weeks)

I'm not griping people - just memorializing this crazy time of my life....and even if I was griping, I would feel justified at this point.

My nose is seriously trying to keep up with my belly. The amount of fluid (or whatever is going on with my nose) is so significant that my upper lip is even starting to look like I've had injections. I've heard of some pregnant women getting bloody noses - mine just gets BIGGER. Bizarre. People say they don't notice anything - but I don't know how you can miss it!

I have developed some sort of carpal tunnel in my hands. Specifically between my pointer and middle finger on my left hand and my middle finger and ring finger on my right hand.  The shooting pain/numbness comes and goes at various times on either hand - Bizarre.

My feet hurt. My heels and my arches mainly. If you see me waddling- I'm not - I'm walking gingerly because my feet hurt. Will I ever see size 8 1/2 shoes again?!

My back and tailbone are sore and now my hips are starting to get sore. I'm just kinda sore and achy all over. . . If you see me waddling- I'm not - I'm walking gingerly because I'm sore all over.

I got THE WORST cramp in my calf the other night. Brought me to tears, I woke poor Brian up and the sense of panic in his voice was so endearing - I'm glad it was nothing worse than a bad leg cramp and he dutifully massaged it out for me.

Reflux can still be an issue if I eat too close to bedtime, but I'm getting better at regulating that.

I make lots of noise. When I bend over, when I shift when I'm sitting, when I stand up - I can't help but emit some sort of sigh or grunt. It helps - really.

I'm tired. All the time. Being pregnant really is hard work.

If I feel the need, I edit the bags from under my eyes on some of THE Bump photos I post.
I don't even feel bad about it.
If only that took care of them in real life too.

I can't believe I still have two months worth of growth to add to this belly! I know its getting bad  big when my husband looks at me in the morning and asks if it got bigger overnight.

**Pics from our anniversary stay-cation - coming soon!**
** The baby shower of all baby showers is just around the corner - from what we hear, it's gonna be a fun one! **


Lyle and Jill said...

There are soooo many changes in a mom to be's body while she is tenderly carrying that little one inside and nurturing it. It is all worth it. You still look beautiful and so does that bump. So looking forward to the shower!!!! Love you guys!

Bethany Raelene said...

You are hilarious. Even when pregnant.

Aimee said...

It is hard work growing baby! I totally got carpal tunnel when I was pregnant, too. It went away before baby arrived and it’s just par for the swelling course