Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just The Two of Us (and THE Bump @ 31 1/2 Weeks)

Well, three of us if you count Trooper and . . . it's obviously not much longer until there's four. . .
but this past weekend - it was all about me and Brian.  
(Minus all the phone calls and drop by visitors - which is bound to happen if you don't actually leave town.)

We've been madly in love for SIX years and married for four of those.

Our anniversary this year, was - could you say- slightly overshadowed by other obvious impending events . . .  I did, however, have grand ambitions and booked us a cabin up north somewhere on the Olympic Peninsula . . . but, cancelled prior to my 72 hour deadline because I knew (A) I couldn't stand to sit in a car for 5+ hours there and back; (B) it would be way too stressful for us to try to cram in a long weekend away from home; and (C) we didn't want to drop that much $crilla$ on something that didn't improve our home/help us prepare for baby girl's arrival.

So what did we do instead?!?
We stayed home.
Just the two of us.

Better/non-camera phone pics of the room will be posted soon!

We were productive - got baby girls room painted - got the wood shed all stocked for the winter (thank you Lyle and Mark) - we also ate out  - alone, a lot - we lounged on the couch in the evenings - alone... and just enjoyed our time at home together - alone. 
It was nice.
THE Bump @ 31 1/2 Weeks

It's OCTOBER. Already.
Where does the time go?!?


wendy said...

llongf 17
Love the bump picture!! You're looking quite beautiful! :)

Pamella said...

Babies room is darling as are you Mari. Love these pictures of your quiet, productive stay-cation. Sometimes they are the best because you don't have to work to get gone, get there, get home, and get back into the routine. We are wishing you lots of joy as you welcome your first little McD.

Nettie said...

Happy Anniversary!