Friday, October 12, 2012

THE Bump @ 33 Weeks

Baby Showers - Project Mayhem - Final doc appointments scheduled...
never a dull moment these days!
We're in the red zone now - things are getting serious.
It feels like baby girl is creeping a little lower...the ol' hips are loosening up and are pretty sore.
Hands and feet are puffy and sore...
There's so much fluid being retained in my nose and upper lip, I'm speaking with a slight lisp.
I find this both hilarious and highly annoying.
The other day Brian says to me, "You know that nose and lip thing you've been talking about, I see it now."
Thanks hunny.


chelsea said...

ya look GORGEOUS. pretty soon, you'll forget all about the bad and annoying stuff because you get a BABY! xo

Lyle and Jill said...

A sweet little girl will soon replace all of the annoying pregnancy affects!! You look amazing!