Monday, October 8, 2012

Showered With Love

Saturday, October 6, 2012

My darling little sister aka proud auntie-to-be
hosted the most beautiful baby shower for me and Brian
(with much help from family and many, many friends)!
aka Hostess with the MOST-est

It was so wonderful - our little family is surrounded with so much love!


Please come in!

Please sign the guest book...

...and for fun you can guess what baby girls' birth stats will be.
(Prize to be distributed in December)

So many wonderful gifts!

And look at all those yummy snacks!

Amazing cupcakes - by Aunt Brenda!
A book corner for the kiddos!

There was even an activity table for making beautiful headbands
for baby girl to wear.
Or for her daddy to wear, if he feels so inclined!
Thanks for setting this table up Gma Jill!

We loved the beautiful handmade quilts we received!
I may or may not have requested this design and Aunt Brenda went above and beyond!
I love it!
I'll try to get a better picture so you can see-
but the quilt stitching behind the flags included a fence along the bottom,
a tree along the right side and the sun in the upper left side!

We were glad to have Max and Amanda there celebrating with us -  
they came all the way over for the weekend from Boise!

Aunt Theresa and Uncle Jeff

Look at all these kiddos!

The mermaid quilt - each square handmade by a family member or dear friend
and then beautifully finished by Danica Wilson and Laura Sheahan!

A lovely, velvety handmade quilt from Lori Waldo!
Baby Girl will be wrapped in luxury!

There were so many that helped to make this day wonderful!

Special thanks to:
Mom and Dad Joyce
Mom and Dad McDonald
The Gary Joyce Family
The Wilson Family
The Sheahan Family
The Maloney Family
Melody McMaster
and many many more I'm sure I don't even know about!

Most of all, a big HUG and THANK YOU to this girl,
my favorite little sis-
who is all ready the best Auntie ever!

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Lyle and Jill said...

An awesome baby shower and what a fun gathering for everyone to be together in anticipation of McBaby Girl's arrival.