Monday, October 29, 2012

An Office Baby Shower

:: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 ::

I work with some pretty great people.
Namely, these ladies, who hosted the most wonderful office baby shower for me!
Ms. Gerri and Ms. Nia
and Ms. Lexy
 There were wonderful treats to snack on!

 I was so very flattered by the turn out and that my co-workers chose to spend their lunch hour celebrating my baby girl!
It's true - everyone loves a baby!

There was even an activity table
where you could decorate a onesie or some socks!

 Everyone was so generous!
Opening gifts was a lot of fun!
They say you can't spoil an infant,
but I'd say baby girl is well on her way!

 Gerri was so thoughtful and gifted me with a snugly robe and some new PJ's!
She said baby girl is never to young to start loving animal print! ;)

 Forfeiture Unit Ladies
Holly : Carolyn : Katie
and AnneMarie
 Fellow 5th Floor Ladies

 Deb was so thoughtful to bring the cute balloons!

 Me and my haul!
Thank you everyone for your generosity and support during these exciting times!
I am so fortunate to work with such kind and caring people!
 Now where are we going to put all this stuff?!?! ;)

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MonkeyFace said...

I know this should be about you and your prego belly and glowing face, but lets get real for a second. Why didn't anyone tell me my hair looked like a rats nest?