Tuesday, August 28, 2012

(more) FAQs

Q: How are you feeling?
     A: See FAQ #2 from THIS post.

Q: How did you do in that heat we had?
     A: The same as everyone else did in that heat I suppose. Honestly, do you think I went outside and laid on the asphalt wearing all black on the hottest days of the year or something? No, I was in my air conditioned house eating a Popsicle, with the fan on high. I was fine.

Q: How's baby girl doing?
     A: Um, how am I supposed to answer this, what are you looking to hear from me? I hope she's doing well...however, I am not a trained, licensed medical professional walking around with a ultrasound machine, or whatever else I might need to help me make the determination on "how baby girl is doing" - nor do I have the ability (or desire) to transport myself inside of my uterus to check-in on baby girl...this question both confuses and highly frustrates me.

Q: How long are you taking off work for maternity leave?
     A:  I get 12 weeks under the Family Medical Leave Act, I'm taking 12 weeks off. EVEN with the finance issue, how could I NOT spend as much time with my new baby girl as possible?!

Q: What will you be doing for childcare?
     A: Are we really supposed to have this all figured out already, and are you just making conversation or is this something you are really concerned about? Brian and I will see where we are when we reach that crossroad.

Q: Are you all settled on a name yet?
     A: Yes. See FAQ #5 from THIS post.

Q: Hows the nursery coming along?
     A:  See Guest Room→Nursery Conversion

You can't make this stuff up!

"I always felt better when my belly started catching up with my chest too."

Heard out in the hall as I'm sitting in my office: "Oh - I need to stop in and say HI to Mari and see how big she's getting!" Same person comes into my office, "Well, stand up girl so I can see how big you're getting."


Aimee said...


While there are a lot of awkward things said to us when we’re pregnant, and raising children, I do think peeps intend to be kind... but somehow bungle up on the delivery of their congrats/excitement.

You’ll meet all sorts of lovely strangers when baby girl arrives - it’s so hard resist gushing over a newborn… I am one of those people now, too 

Bethany Raelene said...

Is you belly actually catching up to you chest?! Is that even possible???

Lyle and Jill said...

Some people just open their mouth before they think. While some maybe genuinely intrested alot are just curious. In those instances you might have to consider the source. You & Brian are mature adults and will meet the needs of baby girl McD with lots of love and care!!

M. Miller said...

My motto always was, you touch my belly and I will break your arm!

Danica said...

I think I have asked you or commented on all of those things except the belly/bosom ratio. Please accept my humblest of apologies but know that I actually really cared and wasn't just making small talk. =) Wait, is that worse that I admit I really want to know?

MonkeyFace said...

Dumb question: Are your feet swollen? Asked by yours truly. I guess your next blog should be filled with dumb question that piss pregnant ladies off haha.