Thursday, May 17, 2012

FAQs (already)

Q:  Oh, you're telling people already?
      A: Yes, we figure if you're so excited to share in the joy, you should be willing to share in the
     grief (if any) as well.

Q:  How are you feeling?
      A: I'm actually feeling pretty great! Now stop asking me, I don't want to jinx it!

Q:  Can I touch your belly?
      A:  NO! Did I ever invite you to touch my belly before? Why would I all the sudden let you touch
      my belly now?!  I may JUST be starting to show, so any "blossoming" you think you see, can be
      chalked up to the "food baby" I've developed from all this nervous eating.  I'm only 12 weeks along

Q:  Are you going to find out if it's a boy or girl?
     A:  Yes.  Brian is impartial to finding out the gender, but I'm too much of a planner and think I'm
     pretty set on finding out.  After all, I need to know what colors will go in the nursery and 
    what yarn to knit with!  8 more weeks until the gender reveal!

Q:  Do you have names picked out yet?
     A:  Yes, for the most part.  We've actually known the boy name since we were dating. Brian came
     to LA for the first time to visit, and for whatever reason the topic came up and we both had the same
     boy name at the top of our list! I have a girl name that I love, and Brian likes it as well, so I think
     we're set as far as names go.  And NO, we're not going to tell you what the names are.  We don't
     want to hear your stories about every single person you've ever known by that name and whether
     you liked them or not. No offense.

Q:  Are you getting rid of your dog?
     A:  NO! Trooper is a part of this family too - asking if we're getting rid of him is like asking me if I'm
     going to get rid of Brian! ;)  Trooper is great with kids and he can't wait to be a big brother!
    (Hopefully he behaves himself appropriately, because we would be devastated to have to see him go.)


Cassie said...

This made me laugh out loud! Just you wait...the best questions are yet to come...

Bethany Raelene said...

YES!!!! So good!!!! Oh man, I love it.

Lyle and Jill said...

This is all so AWESOME!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT ALL!!!

Guests as of 5/3/10 said...

So happy for you!!
Mckerrow clan

Amy said...

Haha...this made me laugh because it's all too familiar! It's just the beginning and sorry to say it doesn't get much better after the little gremlin arrives! Very excited for your little family of three! Trust your instincts!

Aimee said...

Impressive work on having the names locked down already!

MonkeyFace said...

Let's get real, if Trooper turns out to be horrible with the baby I will obviously take him from your household.