Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Like To Eat, Eat, EAT Pickles and Zucchini

Our neighbor gave us a cucumber start at the beginning of summer 
and it has really taken off - making itself right at home between the blueberry bushes and the artichokes (front yard - raised bed)!

A plethora of cucumbers and zucchini - both of which I LOVE - 
mean pickles of all sorts and lots of zucchini bread to share with the neighbors!
I used the Quick Refrigerator Dills recipe that Cassie shared here
and they turned out great!

 Zucchini bread - zucchini muffins -
and plenty left over to freeze for the winter!

Also thinking of trying out zucchini parmesan and zucchini sandwiches....yumm!
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Joyce for sharing their zucchini bounty!

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Daisy Chain Mom said...

I LOVE pickles but I have never tried to make them. We have had no luck with our Zucchini this year...drats! :O(