Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Joyce Family Camping Extravaganza - Take 2

Well - apparently everyone had just enough fun last year to attempt it again... this time we pushed camping back a couple of months hoping to avoid the damp cold we experienced last year around Memorial Day.
It worked.
Here's a picture my dad took of CAMP before we all showed up -
obviously taken after during a torrential downpour.
By the time we reached camp Friday afternoon - conditions were perfect!
Family time : Work : Play
Putting in a well!
Before the rest of us got there, Grandpa, Dad and some of his cousins dug a 23foot well.
It was great to have fresh water on site!

Grandpa had the honors - it started out a bit murky but is now running clean and cold!

I had to give dad his father's day/bday present right away!
I think he liked it!

 In the kitchen!
Bacon : Bacon : MORE BACON

 Around camp...

Grandpa and Grandma didn't sit still for very long - 
it's hard for them not to be in on the action too!

Chopping and stacking wood...

Megan driving the tractor!

All of the campers, minus dad and grandpa who were messing with the trailer...

Abigail : Brenda : Gary : Kendall : MacKenzie : Megan

Diane : Dave : Darren : Dustin
 Grandma and her grandkids
(minus Bradley, Bethany and Deanna)

♥All THREE of us♥

 I got to experience a couple of firsts while we were out in the woods:
* swollen ankles - really, already?! Ugh.
* acid reflux - citrus isn't my friend right now
* sitting in the shade with my feet up while the rest of the crew slaved away - I felt bad at first, but I think I can get used to it if I try hard enough.  


Bethany Raelene said...

Um, excuse me, that picture of Grandma with her grandkids is missing a LOT more then just Deanna! :-P I love how those shirts turned out for Dad! You're amazing, as usual. LOVE YOU!

Cassie said...

And just think, next time you go, you will have a new little life to introduce to the wonders of camp :)

Lyle and Jill said...

Awesome that you had such nice weather...makes for a better time. Looks like everyone had a great time.